Roatan Executive Realty (RER) is a boutique, full-service realty firm located in the beautiful Mahogany Bay cruise ship port. We are passionate about our beautiful island and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Our team has over 50 years of combined professional real estate and business experience.

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5 Reasons to Invest in a Tiny Beach House on Roatan

If you’ve ever lived on an island, you know first hand how incredible the quality of life is. Nothing quite compares to having the magic of the ocean at your doorstep. On top of the year round tan, abundance of pina coladas, and daily interactions with endangered wildlife (like sea turtles), there is also income […]

Choosing the Right Roatan Home Design

Rather than buy an existing property you have decided to build a brand-new home to your exact specifications. This is exciting but perhaps also overwhelming. There are many decisions to be taken and your choices can’t be easily changed once you start to build. So whether you are working with an architect or collaborating directly […]

Want to Improve Your Quality of Life? Move to an Island!

We know what you’ve been thinking: I’m going to sell everything and move to an island. Perhaps you’ve spent one too many days sitting in traffic. Or maybe you could never find the time to take that vacation. Whatever your reason, if you are ready to begin improving your quality of life then a relocation […]

Roatan – State of the Island December 2020

Since March 16 2020, when we went into lock-down due to COVID-19, so many of the things we thought to be infallible have proven anything but.  The steady annual ebb and flow of the Roatan tourism economy: high-season, low-season, mid-season, disappeared overnight.  Things we took for granted disappeared in a split second and we had […]

What is Classic Caribbean Style?

When it comes to characterizing the look and feel of a region, architecture has always played an elemental role.  Different areas of the world display different architectural aesthetics which contribute to their unique identities.  From the temples of the Far East to the brickwork of Europe to the bungalows of California, buildings play a distinguishing […]

Mistakes to Avoid Buying a Home in Roatan Sight Unseen

With the current global pandemic, you may be considering purchasing a home in Roatan sight unseen. If so, there are several common mistakes that you could make. However, once you know what to look out for, you’re more likely to avoid them. When buying a home sight unseen, it is essential to hire an experienced, […]

Roatan Island Real Estate: What Are Hurricane Straps?

If you spent most of your life residing outside a coastal hurricane area, you may not have heard about hurricane straps before. But on our little Caribbean island, these simple connectors are very important to make sure your contractor includes when building your home. While we are quite blessed with being below the hurricane belt […]

Buying a Second Home in the Caribbean

If you’ve always dreamed about owning a tropical island home, you’re unsure of how to make this a reality or where to even begin. If you’ve vacationed in the Caribbean and been drawn to the idyllic, lush scenery and gazed longingly at Real Estate listings posted around your resort, the allure of having your own […]

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